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Fall '98/Winter/Summer/Spring '99 Calendar  of Past Events
Date Topic Presenter
September 14, 1999,   (1130)--NUW O'Club                  VP SLAM Ops
ANA Presentation
VADM Richard "Sweetpea" Allen  (National ANA President)
August  (No Whidbey ANA Meeting)
July 24, 1999 NAS Whidbey Sea and Sky Open House    NAS Whidbey
July 13, 1999 (1130)--O'Club Royal Naval College         PPT Brief   CDR John Alexander, USN
Executive Officer, VAQ-135
June 8, 1999 (1130)--O'Club     Fast Carrier Ops in WW II  (including Operation Olympic)   CAPT Gordon A. Durna, USN (Ret)   
TBF and SBC/D Pilot                                
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May 14, 1999 (1600)--O'Club No-Host Happy Hour WWII Flying Perspectives CDR Duane Kemp, USN (Ret)
May 11, 1999 (1130)--O'Club Balkans Update          CDR Chris Field, USN
Commanding Officer, VAQ-134
May 3, 1999 (1530)--VAQ-133 R/R VAQ-133 Ready Room Visit          CDR Jim "JR" Russell, USN
Commanding Officer, VAQ-133
April 13, 1999 Yorktown Search: Battle of Midway CDR Harry Ferrier, USN(Ret)
March 17-20 ANA 99 Convention (Arlington, VA) ANA 2000 Dutch Rauch
March 9, 1999 Round Table Discussion of Whidbey ANA Issues Scott Hornung and Roger Lerseth
February 9, 1999 PATREC Wing Ten Overview Commodore Timothy S. Norgart, CPRW-10
January 12, 1999 Enterprise Fire Scott Hornung
January 8, 1999 Linebacker Ops ANA and AFA
December 8, 1998 NRNIC Tour   CDR Mike Black
December 8, 1998 Navy Electronic Attack Aircraft Update Commodore John P. Cryer III, COMVAQWINGPAC

November 10, 1998

Looking Glass Operations CDR Pete Rush, XO, VAQ-142
October 12, 1998 Organizational Cultures CDR Rich "Dawg" Dawe, XO VAQ-131


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