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Association of Naval Aviation


Whidbey Island Squadron




                               Robert “E” Fraser

11 June 1996




                               Jerry C. Patterson



Section 1.  Organization           

A.     This squadron is organized to promote the objectives of the National ANA and to provide a continuing organizational and communications link between the ANA and each member.  This squadron will not engage in any activity which is not in furtherance of the mission of the ANA and in compliance with the requirements of Section S01(C)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, and regulations issued thereunder. 

B.     The minimum membership of this squadron shall be twenty (20) members.  EACH MEMBER OF THE SQUADRON MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL ANA.

             C.      The squadron will have the following officers, each elected or approved by the squadron’s membership.



Elected                                  Appointed positions

President                                 Membership chair
Vice President                           Public Affairs Officer

Presidents, in their sole discretion, may prescribe that two or more of the above functions be performed by one individual.


D.     Upon formation of a squadron, a list of members and the elected/appointed officers shall be submitted to ANA headquarters within (90) days of the election, and likewise at each new election or appointment of officers.


E.      The squadron president shall maintain liaison with ANA headquarters staff and his/her counterpart in other ANA squadrons on routine business matters and for the exchange of information.


F.      These by-laws will be consistent with the National ANA by-laws and shall be submitted to the ANA headquarters upon acceptance by the membership and following any changes thereto. 


G.     Local annual dues will be assessed as deemed necessary by the squadron board upon approval by a majority of the membership.


H.     Any local ANA member in good standing may affiliate with any other squadron.


Section 2.            Officers


A.     President.  The president shall exercise the powers and perform the duties assigned by the by-laws and shall be the chief executive officer of the squadron, charged with the general management of its affairs.  The president shall have full power to enforce the provisions of the by-laws and pursue the objectives of the National ANA.  The president shall preside at the meetings and shall be chairman of the squadron board.  The president shall appoint all necessary committees and shall perform such other duties customarily incident to the office.  The president shall use all proper means to promote the morale and to preserve the sustained interest of all in the squadron.  The president, or delegate, is to actively participate in other maritime aviation functions and activities.


B.     Vice President.  The vice president shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the president or by the squadron board.  The vice president shall discharge the duties of the president whenever, in the discretion of the squadron board, the disability or absence of the president makes such service advisable.  The vice president shall assign squadron members, with the approval of the president, to specific tasks in the squadron.  The vice president shall, in effect, perform all such duties as would be associated with squadron programs, parties, trips, visits from outsiders, etc.


C.     Secretary.  The secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the squadron as considered appropriate by the squadron board.  The secretary shall notify the officers and all members of committees of their election or appointment, and shall issue notices of all special meetings.  The secretary shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the president.


D.     Treasurer.  The treasurer shall collect and disburse all funds of the squadron and be the custodian of such funds.  The treasurer shall keep regular accounts in books belonging to the squadron, which shall be open to the inspection of any member of the squadron board.  The treasurer shall make annual reports upon the condition of the treasury and at such other times as shall be requested by the squadron board or by the president.  The treasurer shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the president.


E.      Membership chair.  The membership chair shall be responsible to the president for membership recruiting and retention.  Each squadron member shall be encouraged to assist in this function.


F.      Public Affairs Officer (PAO).  The PAO is responsible to the president, through the vice president, and will act as advisor on public affairs matters.  The PAO shall conduct an effective public affairs program for the squadron, arrange for adequate public information coverage of all noteworthy events and activities of the squadron and prepare and maintain an up-to-date history of the squadron.


G.     Additional officers.  Additional officers may be designated, as deemed necessary, to meet the needs of this squadron.

 Section 3.            Squadron Board.


A.     The squadron board shall be comprised of the squadron officers elected and appointed by the membership as defined in Section 2.  Squadron board meetings will be held upon reasonable notice at the call of the president. 


B.     In addition to such powers as are specifically conferred upon the squadron board by these by-laws, the board shall be responsible for the general management of the affairs of the squadron and may make such rules and regulations as it deems advisable.  The secretary, along with maintaining minutes of the board proceedings, shall provide a written report of its activities, available to the membership.

 Section 4.            Delegates to the National Convention.           

The number of delegates to the ANA national convention shall be the number         assigned by the squadron board and the squadron delegation shall be led by the president. 

Section 5.            Committees.           

The squadron board will establish the standing committees it deems necessary for the proper conduct of the squadron functions.  The duties of each committee shall be presented in writing by the president.

 Section 6.            Nominating Committee


The president shall establish a nominating committee for the purpose of nominating members to fill the offices of the squadron, and this committee shall meet as necessary.  The tour of office shall be a minimum of one year.  In the event of an opening in any office the board may appoint to fill the officer until the next election


Section 7.            Amendments to these By-laws.


Squadron by-laws may be amended by the squadron by the vote of two thirds majority of the members voting, provided that the notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given by the secretary to such members at least ten days before the meeting.